Medicinal Marijuana & the Endocannabinoid Receptors: What We Know So Far

The human body contains naturally occurring receptor sites for endocannabinoid compounds, which is what causes our minds and bodies to react to plant-based cannabinoid...

Tips For the Home Grown Beginner: What Do I Need To Do To Start Growing My Own Weed?

Growing your own weed for the first time can be an exciting and overwhelming process. We take a look at what you should consider before you purchase your first seeds.

What’s in Your Growroom? Behind the Scenes with Jonathan Nielson

Jonathan Nielson brings more than 10 years of an inexhaustible drive for excellence to his work as head grower at Rx Green Solutions’ testing facility in Denver,...

The Best Pest Control for Cannabis

Like other commonly cultivated plants, cannabis can be negatively affected by pest insects. In fact, if you grow cannabis for an extended period, chances are good that...

Getting to the Good Stuff: Cannabis Extraction Methods

If you need a more concentrated dose, prefer to vaporize oils, or like to cook with cannabis, cannabis extracts should probably be on your radar. Here is a general...

Grams Per Day: Determining Cannabis Yield Success by Weight

Whether you’re a small-time home grower or large producer, evaluating crop performance affects critical decision making when it comes to the bottom line.

Minerals: An Essential Part of Cannabinoid Production

It’s official. Research has proven that the quality and potency of cannabinoids depends on the minerals in the soil where the cannabis is being grown.

Growing Weed: Creating the Environment Your Cannabis Plants Crave

Balancing the factors that create a formidable environment can, at times, make you want to give up, but hang in there. Examining your environment and taking a simple,...

Enhancing Your Sex Life with Cannabis

With more and more states considering legalizing marijuana, and the entire country of Canada about to do the same, it seems like a worthwhile moment to consider the...

MMJ Research

Throughout a majority of the 20th century, most institutions shied away from conducting cannabis research. That, however, is changing.

10 Key Tips for Growing Marijuana Using Hydroponics

Getting started using hydroponics to grow marijuana can be tricky. Here are ten tips to make it a little bit easier.


Terpenes make it possible to smell your way to the best weed strain for your specific needs. Will Tremblay explains.

cannabis seeds

Deciding which seeds you want to use to grow your marijuana involves more than just deciding on a strain. Cannabis seeds themselves come in different types. Which is...

The Entourage Effect

Many in the cannabis community talk about the entourage effect, but what is it exactly and is there proof that such a thing exists? Chris Bond explains.

Growing Cannabis? Why LED Grow Lights Are the Way to Go

LED grow lights are changing the future of indoor cannabis growing, and for good reason. LED grow lights help with cost, temperature, yield and more.


How do I know when my cannabis plants are ready for harvesting?

There are two common methods to determine when a cannabis flower is ready for harvest: with the naked eye or with a magnifying glass or microscope.With the naked eye,...

What are some top recommendations for drying the most fragrant buds?

I want to start by saying that drying and curing are two distinct and separate processes. Flowers must be properly dried before you can begin to cure them. Curing is...

What it the best way to tell the male plants from the females?

Identifying the differences between male and female plants is very important for any grower. A cannabis plant goes through three distinct stages of growth during its...

Can I grow cannabis using construction-grade expanded clay?

In the pursuit of cultivating cannabis hydroponically, growers are constantly in search of ways and/or methods to keep their cost of production low in order to maximize...

How many lights do I need to grow cannabis inside an industrial warehouse?

Thank you for your questions. First, when setting up a commercial growing facility, remember that automation is your best friend. The more equipment in the garden that...