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How do I know when my cannabis plants are ready for harvesting?

There are two common methods to determine when a cannabis flower is ready for harvest: with the naked eye or with a magnifying glass or microscope.With the naked eye,...

What are some top recommendations for drying the most fragrant buds?

I want to start by saying that drying and curing are two distinct and separate processes. Flowers must be properly dried before you can begin to cure them. Curing is...

What it the best way to tell the male plants from the females?

Identifying the differences between male and female plants is very important for any grower. A cannabis plant goes through three distinct stages of growth during its...

Can I grow cannabis using construction-grade expanded clay?

In the pursuit of cultivating cannabis hydroponically, growers are constantly in search of ways and/or methods to keep their cost of production low in order to maximize...

How many lights do I need to grow cannabis inside an industrial warehouse?

Thank you for your questions. First, when setting up a commercial growing facility, remember that automation is your best friend. The more equipment in the garden that...