Definition - What does Dispensary mean?

A dispensary sells cannabis for medicinal uses to patients or consumers in a legal setting. The cannabis dispensary is a location that is regulated by the state to dispense and sell medical marijuana, cannabis-containing products, and equipment needed to utilize cannabis. Typically, consumers entering the premises must be 18 years of age or older.

A dispensary is normally set up like a doctor’s office and features a waiting room or a dividing wall that affords patients with privacy while discussing their medical needs with the establishment’s trained cannabis personnel and deciding on what to purchase.

Hydrolife explains Dispensary

Within a medicinal marijuana dispensary, consumers can procure cannabis grown for medicinal purposes for a variety of ailments. Consumers are allowed to smell and examine the various bud strains and products prior to purchase. Medical cannabis dispensaries usually sell a variety of cannabis products (such as topicals, edibles, oils, etc.) that possess various percentages of THC, cannabinoids, and terpenoids.

Consumers visiting the dispensary also have access to trained professionals, frequently referred to as budtenders, to gain assistance in their selection and knowledge about the various cannabis strains that are available for purchase.

Most medical dispensaries require patients to register on site in order for the dispensary personnel to keep the patient’s certification and medical cannabis recommendations on file for state legal and regulatory purposes. All patients must have the required state and legal documentation needed prior to purchasing cannabis products from a dispensary.

While the majority of dispensaries are legitimate, legal businesses, there is an increasing amount of dispensaries rushing to open up to take advantage of North America's loosening legislation regarding medicinal and recreational cannabis usage. These dispensaries may or may not be "legal" in the city where they have opened up.

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