Definition - What does Dugout mean?

A dugout, also called a dugout system, is a handmade wooden box that is discreetly designed to hold a one-hitter and a bit of cannabis.

The box is typically designed into two sections. The slide-out section of the box stores the one-hitter and is typically spring-loaded so the small pipe pops out. The other compartment holds marijuana.

The user removes the spring-loaded pipe from the slide out and then grinds the end of the pipe into the compartment that holds the cannabis to pack the pipe for a hit. The dugout is easy to use and can be carried secretly in a pocket.

Hydrolife explains Dugout

The dugout is a classic wood box that holds cannabis and a one-hitter pipe. The paraphernalia box is also often referred to as a bat or a one-hitter.

The term dugout was bestowed on the wooden box because it is just a simple wood box with two compartments that are dug out inside the wood piece.

The dugout rose to popularity because it was a way to hide the marijuana and pipe from public view. The wood of the box also helped to confine the smell of the weed. The dugout box is convenient and a stealthy way to hold and use marijuana.

Dugouts range in price from cheap to expensive. High-end dugouts are often crafted from exotic hardwoods and elaborately carved. Some dugouts are no longer made of wood but are made from ceramic or stone.

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